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May 2017
    Diploma in Tourism Management
    Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management
May 2017
    Executive Diploma in Bakery & Pastry Arts
May/ June 2017

JPK Courses
Food Preparation or
Food & Beverage Service
Level 2, 3

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Founder's Message

Mr. Chooi Swee Poh

Founder and Managing Director of Keris Group of Companies
Welcome to Keris College website. I applaud you on your achievement, which is globally recognized and sees our graduates being employed all over Asia, in Europe and in America.

The new millennium poses new challenges to the product and service industries and to employers: among them, new markets and increasing competitiveness, long term investment in human capital, and the inculcation of a culture of life-long learning.

The ultimate solution lies in training and development through education. The ministry of Human Resources, in creating a strong resource base, has launched several schemes and products to maximize individuals' skills and to enhance national competitiveness. The ministry of Education has also allocated RM98.7 million for in-service training of teachers this year.

Keris College is very much committed to the government's e-economy vision as embodied in the Eighth Malaysia Plan. We are producing quality graduates to enhance productivity and competitiveness in support of the knowledge-based economy. An efficient and responsive education and training system is developed and applied at Keris College reciprocal to the demand for a knowledgeable and highly skilled labour force equipped with positive new millennial values and attitudes. Indeed, with the recent upgrading of our e-facilities such as Amadeus and the implementation of the the JPK programmes, it has been achievement par excellence for Keris College.

Willing to be molded, ready to be challenged!

Mr. Choi Jack Son

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Keris College

Welcome to Keris College Website!! A College formed by committed professionals from the hospitality industry, a place that provides a dynamic, exciting and unique learning environment for students of all ages.

The hospitality and tourism business is one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries with dynamic career prospects. With a gross output of over four trillion US Dollars, hospitality and tourism accounts for 11% of the world's gross domestic product. What that means is career opportunities. Today, hospitality and tourism is the world's largest generator of jobs, and this global industry will continue to add another 130 million jobs in the hospitality industry, the hospitality management diplomas from Keris College will be more valuable than ever.

A unique strength of KC is giving students the opportunity to explore the wide variety of career opportunities that will be available to them through our industrial training requirement as well as rigorous and broad-based academic curriculum. The industry has found KC graduates to be well educated and prepared to embark on positions of responsibility and leadership.

To build a solid foundation, students studies will draw from a full range of disciplines from business, arts, hospitality and tourism. In addition to core professional studies in tourism, hotel and catering food & beverage management, students will take professionally related business courses in accounting, human resource, law, communications, marketing and information technology. These studies will help them gain an understanding of the various aspects of management.

We are always striving to improve our programs and exploring new ways to make them available to students. In addition to being proactive, our best resources in this endeavor are parents and students. When you talk to us, we listen and address issues collectively. I hope all of you will become an active member of the KC community and contribute to its growth and evolution.

Again, welcome to Keris College. Have fun surfing!


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